Post your favorite tools for creative communication here. Download or print this list and use it to keep track of the passwords you create for each site.

Teaching Resources

LengLitPau.JPG - A wiki containing literature-related projects (such as video poetry) and links to resources regarding grammar and composition

Tech Tools

  • acapela-box-logo.jpg - Text-to-speech: type your text in the box, select from m/f native speaker voices in many languages (including LCTLs), adjust speech rate and voice shaping, then download your file

  • AheadLogo.jpg - Create dynamic, non-linear presentations (similar to Prezi) with this flash-based tool

  • AnimotoLogo.jpg- Upload photos, select your music, and then it will turn them into videos

  • BeFunkyLogo.jpg - Photo effects

  • BigHugeLabsLogo.png - Create badges, billboards, CD covers, collages, cubes, jigsaw puzzles, magazine covers, mosaics, movie posters, trading cards, and more

  • BlabberizeLogo.jpg- Take any image, add a mouth to it, record something for it to say, and watch it become a moving conversationalist!

  • BookrLogo.jpg - Create free photobooks from copyright-safe Flickr images and a template

BubblejoyLogo.png Record a short video with a webcam, select a card design, & share via URL or Twitter

  • dabbleboard_logo.png- Collaborative whiteboard
  • DumprLogo.png - Make coloring books and other interesting things from photos, save as JPEGs and use as illustrations for assignments or worksheets

  • EdmodoLogo.jpg - Collaborative social community (a la Facebook) for students and teachers in educational settings

  • FlashpaintLogo.jpg - Flash drawing editor

  • FotobabbleLogo.jpg - Upload photos, record a message, and share

  • GliffyLogo.gif - Create diagrams, graphic organizers

  • GoogleDocsLogo.gif- Free, online, collaborative suite of office tools (forms, presentations, spreadsheets, word processing)

  • wave_logo_product.png- Collaborative software (games, playback, threaded conversations, whiteboard)

  • HootcourseLogo.jpg - An online community similar to Twitter, but designed for use in education

  • ImageChefLogo.gif- - Dress up photos with interesting frames and your own captions, then save and share

  • IssuuLogo.jpg- Create your own, digital magazines

  • LetterpopLogo.jpg - Create newsletters with photos from templates and host up to 10 online for free at any given time

  • MixbookLogo.jpg- Create and share photo scrapbooks online (you can also print them)

  • MotivatorPoster.jpg - Create motivational posters by adding your own photos and text

  • My Brochure Maker - Brochures

  • OurStoryLogo.jpg - Create collaborative timelines with text, photos, and videos. You can also choose a type of album, answer questions, and it will generate it for you

  • PandoraLogo.jpg - You select the artist or genre and it generates a station that plays music similar to the style of the selected artist

  • PlaylistLogo.jpg - Search for songs, save them, and then make the playlist available to your students by giving them the direct link or embedding it into a wiki or website

  • PreziLogo.jpg - Create dynamic, non-linear presentations and concept maps

  • StorybirdLogo.gif- Students can select illustrations from real children's picture book illustrators, then use them to illustrate their own, original stories. Diacritical marks must be cut and pasted in (via Word, for example)

  • SnapshirtsLogo.jpg - Type in text, it generates a tag cloud you can print on t-shirts
  • solvrlogo.png- Allows threaded brainstorming

  • stroome-masthead-logo.png - Collaborative video editing

  • SuperstickiesLogo.png- Put your own text on a Post-it note image

  • TagulLogo.png - Make tag (word) clouds in different shapes
  • TagxedoLogo.jpg - Upload your text (or the URL of your blog) to make tag clouds in all sorts of very detailed shapes

  • ToufeeLogo.gif- Make flash movies for free

  • TrakAxPcLogo.gif - Free audio/video editing software you can download and use to make mashups

  • VocarooLogo.gif- Click, record, share

  • Wallwisher - Collaboratively "graffiti" by posting "stickies" on this online "wall"
  • WeeblyLogo.gif - Free, online website creation

  • XtranormalLogo.png- Create mini, animated videos (or greeting cards) from stock elements
    • Camila y Gozo - Sample conversation between 2 roommates made in Xtranormal (in Spanish)

  • WixLogo.jpg - Create free flash websites

  • WordleLogo.png- Make your own tag (word) cloud

  • ZooburstLogo.jpg- 3D, augmented reality pop-up books

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