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This workshop will provide you with an overview of free technology tools for:

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Key Concepts

  • Goal today is exposure, not mastery

21st Century Learning

  • Conceptual Underpinnings
    • Knowledge as a dynamic process
    • Change as the only reliable constant
    • Learning --> A form of growth
      • Transfer
      • Personal Transformation
    • Growth --> Requires risk-taking, stepping out of our comfort zones, thinking outside of our "boxes" --> Requires creativity
    • Creativity --> Possibilities made visible by bringing seemingly unrelated things into association with one another
    • Non-linearity --> Both learning and life are messy --> Chronological, linear ways of packaging information may keep us from seeing alternative options
    • Networking
      • Conceptual associations
      • Linkage of information
      • Social connections ["Personal Learning Networks" (PLNs)]
    • Questions --> Grad school is about discovering questions, not memorizing answers
    • Quantum Possibilities
      • Build --> Networks, influence, identity
      • Build relationships (between information, Heavenly Father, other people)
    • Choices today determine tomorrow's options
    • Shift in how we do our work --> Writing spaces, research, publication, 24/7 learning, roles of teachers/learners
      • TEACHERS = craft stimulating learning environments and transformative learning experiences
      • LEARNERS = develop and contribute to personal learning networks)

Transformative Learning


21st Century Skills


Global Themes

APGlobalThemes.jpg[[|APGlobalContexts.jpg (Slide 15)

Advanced Search Skills




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Tagging Activity
  • Converse about:
    • Challenges of Graduate School
    • Teaching & Technology
    • Personal Experiences & Identity
  • Summarize the conversation on a Post-it
  • Use 5 words or less
  • Stick the Post-it on the person
  • Repeat

Manipulating Images

Web 2.0


CultureConnection.jpg - A wiki collection of cultural resources in Spanish, organized by conceptual topics, grammar topics, media types, and vocabulary topics.