This page contains resources for teaching and learning about copyright.


Key Concepts

A Fairy Use Tale

Copyright chart (PDF)


CopyrightFriendlyLogo.jpg - Links to a variety of websites with copyright-friendly images from Springfield Township High School's Virtual Library

CulturallyAuthenticPictorialLexiconLogo.png - A database of culturally authentic Creative Commons images, organized by language and topic

FlickrCreativeCommonsLogo.png - Search for Flickr photos with Creative Commons licenses

ImagesToTeachLanguagesLogo.jpg - A Flickr group dedicated to collecting images for language teaching and learning

PublicDomainPicturesLogo.jpg - A collection of photos in the public domain

RealiaProjectLogo.jpg - Royalty free images for classroom use from a variety of countries

StockXchngLogo.gif - Has lots of professional photos from Spanish-speaking countries--look for the terms of use--standard license means you can use it in your PowerPoints and etc. Sometimes you just need to notify the photographer (using the comments feature)

Multimedia (Audio & Video)

cc-mixter-logo.png - A Creative Commons project that lets you download, remix, and share music (including songs from popular artists)

CommunityVideoLogo.jpg - Community Video, an Internet Archive Project that allows you to download video for free (check the Creative Commons Licenses on each one to see if you can modify it)

FreesoundLogo.jpg - Free, copyright safe sounds (i.e., sound effects, not music)

JamendoLogo.png - Free, copyright safe music

MusopenLogo.jpg - Free classical music, searchable by composer, genre, form, instrument, performer, and period

OpenSourceFilmLogo.jpg - Wikipedia article with links to open source films

PlaylistLogo.jpg - Allows you to stream copyright safe music from your wiki or website in a pop-out player

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FairUseRepositoryLogo.jpg - A collection of documents in the public domain

LibraryOfCongressLogo.jpg - Collections of primary source documents and multimedia materials from American history including ads, culture, literature, maps, music, etc.

LibrivoxLogo.jpg - Audiobooks in a variety of languages

ProjectGutenbergLogo.jpg - Free, downloadable e-books of texts in the public domain

More information

CyberbeeLogo.jpg - Interactive game with simple questions and answers about copyright
Digizen.jpg - Derechos de autor, uso justo, y TEACH Act

A useful copyright chart (PDF) from Technology & Learning Magazine

Levy, Suzanne. (2003, Spring). Six factors to consider when planning online distance learning programs in higher education. Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, Volume VI(I). Retrieved March 25, 2010, from - Useful article that outlines 6 key areas administrators often fail to consider when implementing online learning programs: vision, curriculum/pedagogy, staff training, student services, student training, copyright/intellectual property.